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Thursday, 10 July 2008

European PS Store update for 10th July

Echochrome finally makes its way to the European store today, despite having been available in Japan and the US for a while.

Both the PS3 and PSP versions are available for your buying pleasure.

Other than that, it's a bit of a lacklustre update. Where, for example, is Elefunk, which has now appeared on the Japanese store? Why has Super Puzzle Fighter still not made an appearance, despite the fact that the US version now supports multiple languages?

We can't complain too much, given the massive improvement of late regarding EU Store updates, but sometimes we do wonder why the content gulf still exists between regions.

Here's the list:


Echochrome for PS3 (£6.99)
Echochrome for PSP (£4.99)

Demos (all free)

Top Spin 3


High Velocity Bowling - Amber Vorhees (£0.69)

Videos (all free)

Echochrome trailer
Movement - 8 videos
Kung Fu Panda movie trailer

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Blogger Retrozoid said...

absolutely right, PAL regions should get practically the same stuff as the other stroes, im more miffed that US and Japanese get more PSOne games than us, we need more choice on the PS3 and Konami should have given everywhere MGS1 for download not just japan as it was one of the biggest sellers for the PAL regions

10 July 2008 18:42  

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