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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Final Fantasy XIII - why we're happy it's on the 360

Some of you may have been rocked today by the news that Final Fantasy XIII will be available on the Xbox 360.

Some of you may be slightly happier now that Square Enix have confirmed Final Fantasy Versus XIII will stay a PS3 exclusive.

I, on the other hand, am not worried in the slightest.

If by putting FF XIII, which by all accounts has cost an obscene amount of money to create, on the Xbox 360 means that FF XIV will see the light of day, then so be it.

Despite growing faster than the PS2, the PS3 sits with a user base that runs to 'just' 13 million. The Xbox 360 is enjoyed by over 19 million people. Sure, the PS3 is catching the X360 fast despite an almost two-year head start, but at this stage in its lifecycle the user base is still small for publishers like Square Enix.

The PS2 went on to sell over 117 million units (and is still selling!), so the future is looking great for the PS3. Sony only need a smal percentage of 'churn' to make the PS3 much more succesful that Microsoft's console. But this decision, announced at E3 during the Microsoft keynote, will help secure a payback for Square Enix that they simply would not have achieved with the PS3 alone.

Many people forget that Square have already gone down the bankrupcy path once before. If by making their flagship game available to over twice the audience ensures the new Square Enix company survive the same fate, then I'm happy.

Even if the Xbox 360 version will come on 6 discs (Ed: had to get one dig in there - sorry).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that killed it. I bought into the PS3 brand because I wanted to play more RPG's with an Eastern feel (JRPGS) I have a big collection of them on my PS2.

To someone that doesn't really like JRPG's that much or are casual rpg players: this probably won't matter too much.

To hardcore jrpg fans: we have a pretty easy decision to make:

1. Buy a PS3, which does not have any JRPGs at the moment, but will have some.....eventually.....hopefully


2. Buy a 360 which is much cheaper and which has quite a few jrpgs already with more to come and is also getting the big daddy of rpg's: Final Fantasy.

There are quite a few PS2 owners that I know that were sitting on the fence waiting to upgrade to the next gen and was waiting to see what FF looks like to see if it was worth sacrificing a few jrpg's for the big one on a console. Not anymore....

15 July 2008 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a PS3/XB360 owner, my problem with FFXIII being multi-platform is that they're not starting work on the 360 version until the JPN PS3 version is finished.

Since they're launching both NA versions at the same time, porting to 360 is going to make the NA version even later.

15 July 2008 17:45  
Anonymous Antwann said...

I'm going to buy it on 360 rather than ps3. When i bought mgs4 which boasted its superior disc size,instead of changing discs it forced me to sit through a 3 minute install in between acts....i personally would have preferred to swap discs which would have taken 2 minutes and 30 seconds less time. If in fact final fantasy can go the entire game without multiple installs i may change my decision.

15 July 2008 17:56  
Anonymous 911 Gaming said...

This is, and will never be, a "plus side."
Think about it.
FFXIII was supposed to be PS3 exclusive, including the fact that it was going on a Blu-Ray disc, and with 55GB storage, its much better than Xbox 360.
This was a promised PS3 exclusive. So...
Now, PS3 users will have to suffer not only the extra wait for FFXIII (they said they're finishing the PS3 version first and then working on the Xbox 360 version, so that the game's releasing the Xbox 360 version comes along with the PS3 version in English-speaking cities).
Now, I'm really upset about the wait (it could be 2010 now, it was just 2009 a couple months ago).
So, PS3 users are going to have to wait even longer.
I like the fact that Versus is still exclusive. Versus, EVERYONE REMEMBER, is the game that has a Kingdom Hearts-like fighting style... and you are a fire-throwing guy. Not a pretty girl that is followed by rainbows and blossoms (no offense, I'd rather play a guy and not be a the girl heroine whom will probably find love... and I'm into being a girl and kissing a guy. That's not right.).

15 July 2008 17:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no problems with it, so long as the PS3 version does not suffer due to the release on xbox360. I hope they just port it to the xbox360 and make any sacrifices they need to then.

Wasn't FF13's engine designed for the ps3?

15 July 2008 18:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

360 version will come on one disc if the cutscenes are real-time. If not, it depends how many CG cutscenes there are, the more they are, the more disc space it takes up. The Game itself and all it's assets should be able to fit on a DVD9, especially with the 360's great compression. With BluRay, they can just throw everything on the disc without compressing, thus the high amount of space required.

So if anything, it'll probably be 1 or 2 discs, which I'm thinking they'll use that new install feature if you want to so you only have to play with 1 disc.

15 July 2008 18:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Square Enix! Now I can just download FF to play on my modded 360 instead of shelling out 50 bucks! Those PS3 fools will actually have to PAY for their copy! W00t!

15 July 2008 19:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But if FFXIII had remained exclusive it would have sold a lot of PS3s and helped increase the userbase considerably. I visit lots of message boards and all I see are tons of people saying now they have no reason to buy a PS3. This is why exclusives matter.

15 July 2008 19:02  
Anonymous Antwann said...

The ps3 is not superior but neither is the 360 they have their own strengths and weaknesses. The way the game is developed for each console has to take advantage of those strengths which leads me to believe the game will be pretty much the same on both consoles. The mandatory install on ps3 is one of its strengths but it makes console gaming more like pc gaming.

15 July 2008 19:35  
Anonymous Makidian said...

I am importing it because I can't wait for the 360 to catch it's breath and get released with the PS3 version. It takes a few seconds to get up, swap the disc, and sit back down and then wait for it to load, so it would take the same amount of time to do 60-90second installs on the PS3, I would much rather stay in my seat for instant gratification. If you like having your action broke up by swapping discs that come in giant cases enjoy your 360 version which will undoubtedly be inferior to the PS3 version since they are gonna have to rush the production of it. I will enjoy my Japanese version first and my English version second. And our next game from Numora that is exclusive besides FFvXIII says hi. I wouldn't count on Star Ocean 4 or Tales of Vesperia to stay exclusive for much longer. Xbots may have gotten a small win in the short term but ultimately the PS3 versions of everything will be superior in every single way imaginable.

15 July 2008 22:24  
Blogger Sean said...

@ Anoymous 1

I know of one JRPG coming to the PS3 although it was already released on the 360 and that is Eternal Sonata.

@ 911 Gaming

Maybe that was a typo but the PS3 only has 50GB worth of Blu-ray space tops as of now.

@ Anonymous 5

Do you think Microsoft is that stupid you have to have the Disc in the Drive even after you rip it to the HD. Good Luck when you figure this out.

16 July 2008 02:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur all idiots the 360 version will be on 5 discs and its on xbox which is gay ps3 will be on 1 disc anyways this doesnt even look that good anyways plus u can always import the game

16 July 2008 09:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

r u joking there r loads of rpg on ps3 eg folklore and elder scrolls

16 July 2008 09:52  
Blogger Kawaii said...

I can't wait for FFXIII, rpgs are my favorite genre, closely followed by FPS, anyhow to get back to the point, I'm kinda gutted that FFXIII will be delayed, but there are several good looking jrpgs coming up soon and they'll keep me occupied. I've owned 2 360s since they came out, (actually I've owned 5 but only 2 kept working lol) and I honestly think that the 360 won't do FFXIII justice.

We're still getting our exclusive, it sucks that it's going to be delayed, but aren't final fantasy games always worth waiting for?

Bring on Last Remnant I say!

16 July 2008 21:06  

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