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Monday, 7 July 2008

Got Buzz! Quiz TV? Go play our quiz!

It was inevitable really...

PS3 Attitude has created a MyBuzz quiz for all your Buzz! Quiz TV owners out there, which challenges you to answer questions on major (and minor) PS3 news events over the last year.

Naturally, the quiz covers the events of the last 365 in conjunction with our one year anniversary.

You'll find the quiz in the 'Latest' quizzes section, or in 'Lifestyle...Gadgets' once it drops out of that particular area. It's called "PS3 Attitude: PS3 News '07-08".

We'll see whether you like it or not using the online rating system, but do drop by and tell us how you got on in the comments section.

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Anonymous Reesimo said...

Sorry, don't own it. I don't even think it's come out yet here in the States.

07 July 2008 21:14  

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