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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hovel v0.1 now available

Whilst we all wait for the appearance of PlayStation Home on the PS3, we've been (hard) at work producing Hovel v0.1.

You'll need Google Lively and a PC to make it work, but why not drop in now and help us decorate the place.

Once in you can add furniture, chat with your PS3 friends and even bodyslam a fellow avatar.

Come on in - the Hovel is waiting for you...

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Blogger Mr Jimmy said...

Haha wow much quicker to market!

09 July 2008 15:14  
Blogger Kawaii said...

OOh fun!

09 July 2008 15:33  
Blogger Kawaii said...

Bah this doesnt work on my work pc :(

Time to try it at home....

16 July 2008 20:46  

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