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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Last Guy is a 'rescue game'

A while back, some trademark spotters saw that Sony had secured the title 'The Last Guy', and everyone assumed it was for a forthcoming game.

Sony Japan have now launched a teaser site for the aforementioned game. What do we know right now?

  • It involves a lot of red stickmen.
  • The teaser site soundtrack seems to be a direct rip-off - sorry - homage to 'Popcorn' by Hot Butter. You may remember this track from the old ZX Spectrum game, Pyjamarama (a sort of Manic Miner rip-off - honestly, I mean homage).
  • A launch-party image from GameSpot Japan (below) tells us that the United Rescue Force are, in some way, involved in all this.
  • We'll all know more on the 11th July (this Friday).

Thankfully, we can fill in some of the gaps for you.

Our man in Japan tells us to expect a 'rescue game', with a top-down view of a city and the task of leading civilians to the 'Escape Zone'. Apparently, you'll need to save V.I.Ps too for extra bonus points.

Where do the red stickmen come in? Don't worry - the graphics are apparently top-notch as you'd expect, but in the status screen after each level everyone you have saved is represented by one of the stickmen. The V.I.P stickmen are bigger and carry more points, naturally.

We've been told the city itself looks like Google Earth on steroids, as if the satellites they were using had 20 megapixel cameras and were hovering from just a mile up. Whether The Last Guy uses actual cityscape photos or a 3D representation is up for grabs.

Come back in two days and we'll have more for you.

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