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Sunday, 6 July 2008

PS3 Attitude is One Year Old

One year ago today, PS3 Attitude was born.

The site originally began because I felt so many websites were being unnecessarily negative about video games, consoles and specifically Sony and the PS3. The brief was a simple one - report PS3 news daily with honesty and a balanced opinion.

Along the way we've met some great people from the development community, publishers, PR agencies, other websites and - most importantly - the PlayStation 3 user base. We've reached virtual hands across oceans, valleys and mountains, and it has been a real pleasure.

What does one year in the life of a website look like? We've put together an interactive timeline below of some of the defining moments in the first 365 days of PS3 Attitude. You might even spot details of a future event when you are clicking through all the milestones.

Through the rest of the week we'll have more from our anniversary celebrations, including an announcement that is more important to the future direction of PS3 Attitude than anything else we have done, so keep on visiting.

We'll be calling out some key individuals during the week, but for now we'd just like to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone who has been involved with PS3 Attitude in the last year - you know who you are...

One final thing - we can reveal that now would be a very good time to be one of our daily email summary subscribers, so if you're not already in that club, join by clicking the 'Email' link in the left sidebar now.

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Anonymous Alex said...

Happy Birthday PS3A!

06 July 2008 15:56  
Anonymous Reesimo said...

Trophy Unlocked! Congratulations, DolphGB! I can't believe it's been a year already. Thanks for keeping up the site and posting almost everyday. Time for a holiday!

06 July 2008 23:13  
Anonymous PS3 Themes said...

Happy Birthday! Great work with the site!

09 July 2008 00:23  

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