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Friday, 25 July 2008

Rainy Woods delayed until 2009 at least due to Twin Peaks similarity

When we first saw Rainy Woods back in September 2007 at TGS, we said what everyone else was thinking.

It's Twin Peaks, the game...

Well, that similarity has now led the developers of Rainy Woods to completely re-code the game, and as a result the title has been pushed back to "mid to late 2009, maybe even 2010" according to a representative of Rising Star Games.

The resulting Rainy Woods is expected to still feature the 'Silent Hill-esque' gameplay we saw in the original trailer, just without the red curtains, midgets, log carrying locals and FBI agents who love their coffee a little too much.

Here's the original trailer from TGS 2007:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Special Agent Dale Cooper would put two through each of the eyes of this fool.

07 September 2008 05:06  

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