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Friday, 25 July 2008

The Top List: what new PS3 owners should buy - Summer 2008

We often receive friend requests or emails from new PlayStation 3 owners asking our advice on what initial games they should buy for their spangly new black monolith so they can impress their friends with its sheer, awesome, planet crunching power.

So - welcome to a new quarterly feature on PS3 Attitude - The Top List. Every three months we'll be bringing you a list of the best games for the PlayStation 3 system, timed to coincide with the key buying periods.

For this first Top List, we're focussing on the Summer Holidays, when parents get sick and tired of hearing 'I'm booooooorrrreeeed' and aleviate the pain by getting a PS3 - for themselves, naturally!

The great thing about many of these games are that you can now pick them up for lower-than-average prices or in the pre-owned section of your favourite game store.

Here's the Top List for new PS3 owners, Summer 2008:

You can share this Top List widget with your online profile or embed it in your blog to help your own friends and readers pick the right games... enjoy!

Any profits made from ordering titles online via this widget go to our charity fund. If you're not ordering, why not donate towards our Jump 2008 event now - lives are at stake, so please give generously...

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