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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

...and apart from my notes

I think the overall feeling was not really much excitement. The only applause (more like respect) came when the Heavy Rain director showed his stuff.

For sure it was the biggest crowd compared to the other press events here in Leipzig but it was after all on their booth. It all started with a quote of "The times they are a changing", the Bob Dylan song and ended with the pledge that the war in the gaming arena will continue and PS3 is far from losing the battles. "The entire industry is booming" so everyone can do well, developers, Sony and most of all the gamers. PSP 3000 was launched, much improved screen, includes a microphone so you can Skype people. 15th of October launch 199 euro pricetag, 8 different bundles (Fifa, Harry Potter, etc)

Sony online entertainment playstation games, including PC games, full collaboration between units.

1DC Universe online
2The Agency
3Free Realms

All adding a different dimension to PS3 gaming. This is not just a new revenue stream, smart move in terms of streamlining Sony operations and squeezing the most out of the setup.

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