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Friday, 22 August 2008

Burnout Bike Update

Jeremy Chubb, producer at Criterion Games, has posted on the PlayStation Blog about the upcoming Burnout update. Codenamed Davis this is the update also known as "The update that lets you burn around Paradise on bikes!"

Check out the entire article for the full details (and luscious screenshots) but here's the main points in brief:
  • The FREE update adds roughly 10 hours of new gameplay
  • There are 70 new Freeburn Challenges (half regular and half timed)
  • Poppin' wheelies is CONFIRMED
  • "With bikes, you also get a fresh new map of the city, filled with the bike equivalent of Burning Routes (against-the-clock races)". There are 38 new routes which is pretty awesome
  • Day and night gameplay is touched upon but more will be detailed next week
Despite the fact that this blogger was a little disappointed that the bikes don't come apart in glorious slow motion detail (akin to their four-wheeled counterparts), we can't complain with this comprehensive (and free) update.

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