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Friday, 29 August 2008

Crytek talks consoles and PS3's "future possibilities"

Mention Crytek's Crisis on the interweb and two constant news points will immediately resurface. One, its power hungry demands practically held your rig for ransom if you wanted to run it at the fidelity the German based developers recommended. Two, considering people with high-end rigs usually aren't short of some disposable income, paradoxically, most people didn't actually pay for it.

While the first "issue" was not something Crytek felt any shame about, the piracy debacle has been seen as a key motivator for the studio's recent declaration of "console love".

Edge spoke with Crytek business manager Harald Seeley about the company's shift away from a predominantly PC focused model where he reiterates piracy was not the driving factor for the sea change. The delay it seems is more due to Crytek's internal processes not being ready to support a multiplatform release structure. Until now.

Despite some criticism about the story (and even gameplay) of Crisis, the game is universally accepted as a technical treat to the senses with Crytek's engineers definitely not falling into the "lazy developer" category. It's therefore interesting to note Seeley's honest answers regarding each console's challenges and some comments that may bode well for us PS3 acolytes.

Seeley explains that each console "brings with it certain advantages and certain limitations." While noting the 360's lack of a guaranteed hard-drive being present (therefore preventing the ability of pushing assets to external storage to speed up in-game load times) the much heralded single memory allocation makes for easier development. In contrast, the PS3's complex architecture poses design challenges but its multiple cores "may open up more programming possibilities". PS3Attitude's interpretation of this statement is "Yes, the PS3 is a difficult beast to master but it may hold greater future potential." Remember, our words.

The "limited memory" of both consoles does force them however "to be very creative in our approaches."

Crytek's upcoming African based FPS Far Cry 2 will be released on the PS3 this fall.

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