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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

del Toro: "There are only two game classics. Both are by Team Ico."

Edge Online have posted a succinct but insightful interview with famed Pan's Labyrinth and upcoming Hobbit film(s) director Guillermo del Toro. A director with a renown passion for his craft, the Mexican filmmaker personally creates a cornucopia of hand-drawn pre-production sketches for each of his films/ideas so it's poignant to note what games inspire such a maven of the visual arts.

Though lauding the likes of GTAIV and Bioshock there are only two games del Toro considers good enough to warrant the moniker of "masterpiece": Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Both games graced the PS2 and (in case you didn't know) Team Ico are hard at work on an elusive (and exclusive) PS3 game which we are confident will join their previous offerings to become a trinity of gaming masterworks.

Check out the interview for more info (like, would he open his own game studio?) and the man's insights on such topics as the cinematography of
Silent Hill (the game, not the film).

[Source: Edge Online]

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Blogger Majiesto said...

del Toro is absolutely amazing. I've loved all his works Pan Labyrinth being one of my favorites. Seeing him praise these games makes me want to go and play them again.

26 August 2008 17:30  
Blogger Danny_D said...

Big del Toro fan here, I would like to know his thoughts on Indigo Prophecy, Beyond Good & Evil and the upcoming Heavy Rain.

I wonder if that cheesy light-gun game he referred to was Duck Hunt? I still play that one!

26 August 2008 18:24  
Blogger Brodiesan said...

Pan's Labyrinth was my favourite film of 2006.

I *really* need to hunt down copies of these two games.

26 August 2008 18:44  
Blogger Danny_D said...

ICO was an experience. A boy with horns finds a stick, a girl, and proceeds to poke/smack ghosts with the aforementioned stick. BRILLIANT!

Only played the demo of Shadow of the Colossus, time to dust off that one after I'm done with Indigo Prophecy.

27 August 2008 00:10  
Blogger CruizD said...

I think Pan's Labyrinth is a little overrated in all honesty, but it's a great film.. i love the imaginary scope of Del Toro.

I like the fact that he thinks Team Ico make great games. ICO is superb, ti really is, and I cant wait to get hold of SotC.

Also, if I recall correctly, Team Ico are also working on a PSN title.

27 August 2008 08:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have owned a PS2 since launch and you know what 2 games I still own... Ico and Shadow Of the Colossus. Del Toro is right on.

27 August 2008 14:40  
Blogger foozen said...

love how this little known game at launch has become such a great game to all people.

love the Team ICO games and really need to have my fix again on the 3rd outing. HURRY UP!

27 August 2008 22:43  

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