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Friday, 22 August 2008

EyePet release date gives real pets one last year of dominance

Pets are great. Offering companionship and an endless source of enjoyment, there's just so many positives to having a furry friend occupy your home. From walking them, playing with them or just simply rushing them to the vet when they've somehow gotten their paws on your anti-inflammatory medication*, pets just keep on giving.

Sony have other ideas however and have recognised the negatives of pet ownership (a Tamagotchi has never peed on anyone's rug for example) and believe a virtual version of your cute companion would be a great addition to your already decimated living space.

With the announcement of EyePet at Leipzig this week Sony's press centre have divulged some minor details about SCEE's upcoming impish interloper. Developed by SCE London Studio, the tech junkies of you out there will be pleased to know the technique of having the little mite run around a representation of your living room is called "augmented reality". The press release also mentions how the developers have made advances in the "animation [of] facial reactions, lifelike fur and incredibly intelligent interaction with you, your environment and anything you choose to place in front of it."

Anything? Really? Oh this is going to be fun. What happens when you put your REAL pet in front of your EyePet? We're thinking both your real and imaginary living rooms are not going to come out unscathed.

The game is still over a year away and can be seen as yet another key cog in Sony's plans to tap the youth market so dominated by Nintendo over the last 18 months. We shall have to wait and see.

*Don't worry, she's fine now.

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Blogger Reesimo said...

I think the kids will adore this 'game'. When I'm on the PC, they're playing around with Eye Create or Tori Emaki. They used to like Aquatopia, but the fish didn't play with them like they wanted. I'm interested to see how Sony will price this though. Will the experience offer more bang for your buck than the other PS Eye games?

22 August 2008 21:58  
Blogger Danny_D said...

I hope they do create deeper games and experiences around the PS Eye, starting with EyePet.

The PS Eye should be bundled with every PS3 by now. Someone call Sony and tell them.

23 August 2008 07:05  

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