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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

FUEL; Codemaster's new 4 letter title

It seems that "Codies" is in the works of something rather interesting. FUEL -which is being developed from the French Asobo studios- is a new open world racer that features huge environments, never seen before in a racing game. Chronologically, it is set in an alternate present, where Global Warming has affected Earth dramatically.

The world of FUEL will unfold at about 5.000 square miles (that's 14.000 km²), giving players the opportunity to drive anywhere they want; no boundaries or invisible walls. It will support 16 player online mode and you'll get to choose between a variety of 2 or 4 wheeled rides, such as buggies, trucks, big rigs, and of course bikes.

During the races, real-time weather phenomenons will take place, so don't get surprised if you see a sandstorm or even a tornado breaking out in front of you. Responsible for all these weather changes, is the all new dynamic weather system.

Further details are yet to be announced, but the game is going to be presented in Leipzig. Of course, no release date yet, but I'd say somewhere near mid 2009. You can watch the first video of this upcoming title, here (for HD quality) or for those who are in a hurry, in this embed video from Gametrailers.

[Thanks to George for the tip]

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Blogger Danny_D said...

I wonder if Codemasters will use the Metallica song by the same name in any way...

"Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire!"

19 August 2008 17:40  

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