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Thursday, 14 August 2008

It's raining authors, hallelujah...

Following the announcement that CaptainPanda, Kawaii and Majiesto had swelled the ranks at PS3 Attitude, today we're happy to announce another glut of new authors joining your daily PlayStation 3 news site...

Please give a warm welcome, in alphabetical order, to our latest recruits:

Brodiesan is, in his own words, a "life-long gamer with a wry sense of humour who speaks Japanese and runs marathons. Often at the same time."

We asked him his favourite flavour of ice cream. Being a marathon runner Brodiesan insisted he didn't eat ice cream. About 3 seconds later, he confessed to "Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie with lashings of Phish Food on top"! If Brodiesan could be any game character, he'd be Snake because "just like the Metal Gear hero, I'm getting on in years. I also like jumping out of cardboard boxes whenever possible".

Say 'Hi' also to Lonflobber. He describes himself as a "Book loving multi-platform gamer eager for PlayStation's bright future", which is somewhat poetic.

His favourite ice cream is Black Walnut, because "it's fresh, it's rare and it's amazing". In fact it's so rare, none of us have ever heard of it! If Lonflobber could be a game character, he'd be JC Denton of Deus Ex - "great name, powerful and multi faceted character who makes his own future. Choice was never so good".

Our next newbie is MeEdIC. We asked MeEdIC to describe himself in 20 words or less, and he didn't waste the opportunity - "Creative, Responsible, Cheerful, Rebellious, Demanding, Avid Gamer, Objective Judgement, Opposed to Fanboyism, Addicted to Persona 3 and last but not least Extremely Social." Unfortunately, that was 22 words, but you get the point!

Hi favourite ice creams are Pistachio and Wild Cherry, just not together. If MeEdIC could be any game character he would be Samus - "Yes, I know she's a 'chick', but think about it: She has her own spaceship, wears a nearly invulnerable suit, has big "guns" (whatever that means), can transform into a ball, throws a lasso like Indy, calls an air-strike whenever someone is bothering her...", and the list goes on! Good call MeEdIC.

VuZuW is our last new author for now, but is certainly not the least. As well as having the single most unpronounceable name of any of our new writers, he is a full-time gamer who also loves to draw and party with friends; "If I'm not on my PS3, I'd be either drawing, surfing the web or out".

On asking the ice cream question, he simply sighed. Something tells me that VuZuW will be our least frivolous author! Only through some gentle arm twisting did he reveal a liking for Cookie flavour. He was more enthusiastic about being a game character. "Alex Mercer! Shape shifting, high jumps and super strength; what else could you possibly want?"

So, there you have it. Thanks to each and every one of our new authors, some of whom were announced on Monday - PS3 Attitude is starting a new and exciting chapter.

Will there be more, you ask? I guess you'll just have to keep checking in to find out!

Please give a warm welcome to our new writers and let's look forward to their contribution towards our new 100% charity status.

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Blogger VuZuW said...

Ha! Love what you said there man. I'm not really that serious though :P

14 August 2008 10:37  
Blogger Kawaii said...

Welcome guys!!

I look forward to working with you to provide some excellent ps3 news.

14 August 2008 13:46  
Blogger Reesimo said...


14 August 2008 16:38  
Blogger Eddie said...

Really looks like I came across this site at a perfect time! Once again welcome and I look forward to everyone's posts :D

14 August 2008 17:27  
Blogger MeEdIC said...

We'll do our best! ;)

14 August 2008 17:56  

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