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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Killzone 2 Receives Back-story Update and Tech Discussion

When the invasion of Helghast was postponed until February 2209 (give or take a few hundred years) in order to make way for another pesky encroachment, many citizens shook their fists in anguish at the overcrowded invasion period.

Others of course were more than happy as the delay allowed Guerrilla to make Killzone 2 even more awesome, if such a daring feat was even possible. And it's not like we're not busy fighting other wars at the moment anyway.

For the former discontented few who wish to keep the upcoming advancement into Alpha Centauri fresh in their minds we recommend checking out the updated site. The additions will allow those interested in interstellar politics to brush up on their Helghan history as previously lost chronicles have appeared on the blossoming Storyline feature detailing such epochs as the Vektan Era (2129-2155). Also unearthed is a fascinating propaganda piece detailing the Helghan outlook on the invasion of Vekta. Bipartisan it is not.

For those of you not intrigued by back-story (or fancy fabricated timelines) there is also an interesting tech discussion regarding the smoke and destructive effects utilised during the Corinth River mission accompanied by a video of the building coming down over in the media section. The video in question is the last one in the series but do check them all - they're a great recap of this upcoming PS3 exclusive.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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