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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Kojima talks MGS5 and "new game"

It's not easy stepping away from something you've invested half your life in, especially if that something is a giant commercial success and revered by millions of people worldwide. Such is the conundrum Hideo Kojima has faced at the conclusion of each of the Metal Gear games and a challenge he faces yet again until, well, the next Metal Gear game it seems.

It's no secret that the Metal Gear franchise will continue with or without the imitable visionary director yet, when speaking in an exclusive Kikizo interview, Kojima-san dropped some hints that he will never fully hang up his camo-suit. Though clearly stating that he wishes to hand the reins over to younger members of staff, (co-writer and director Shuyo Murata being the likely candidate) Kojima-san does want to oversee MGS5 as producer while moving on and directing another game himself. The game in question remains a mystery though he tantalises us with: "[...] the thing that I am trying to work out right now is an idea that I had ten years ago, which I am still worried on the technical side whether it's possible or not, even today."

That said, he also admits that he's not ruling out the possibility of returning as director of a Metal Gear game, say, ten years from now (at 55 years of age) comparing himself to acclaimed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki (the auteur behind such classics as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away) who retires at the end of each film but always returns to his love of film-making. Either way, it seems Kojima-san will always have a guiding hand in Metal Gear while also following some other (probably equally awesome) avenues in gaming. This can only mean good things for all of us.

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Blogger Danny_D said...

I'm glad to read that Kojima-san is planning to move on. I would suppose that 21 years with the same game concept has to take a toll no matter how successful the game has become.

26 August 2008 17:37  

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