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Friday, 15 August 2008

Metal Gear Online European Championships announced

Konami has announced its first European Metal Gear Online Championship, with entrants competing to win a luxury trip to Tokyo.

Entry is open to over 18's from all PAL territories - if you fit the bill then visit the MGO European Competition site to register. The first competition will be held today.

Konami is planning to host four preliminary tournaments per week - each preliminary tournament will feature six players per team, with one back-up member, and will span 16 games of 16 teams competing within the ‘Team Deathmatch: Direct Elimination’ mode and with the maps changing each game. Each match will comprise one round of 15 minutes and the best two teams from each preliminary Tournament will advance to one of two European Final Tournaments.

The two European Final Tournaments featuring teams who win their preliminary rounds will be played in September, with 16 teams each competing for the main prize of a trip to Tokyo between 9th-13th of October where they will be entered for the Grand World Finals at this year’s Tokyo Game Show where further prizes await the successful teams!

So if you're mad-crazy for MGO, grab some talented friends and get your Snake on!

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