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Friday, 29 August 2008

More Bad Company "love" is on the way!

Have you gone tired of playing Conquest on the same maps over and over again?!? Well, now you have the chance to make the Battlefield universe a better place. EA has began a voting competition in which you get to choose what maps are going to be added in the next free patch.

When the voting will be completed, DICE will add the two most voted maps plus two more as a "gift". Voters will notice a familiarity in the maps. That's because all of them where places you visited in the single player campaign (you don't say...).

To sum up, players will be able to download the four new Conquest maps this Fall via the classic patch update. Anyone who wishes to vote, should visit Battlefield Bad Company's official site (vote for Acta Non Verba, will ya?).

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Blogger Devil said...

LoL, we shall vote your favorite Mitso! :P

01 September 2008 19:51  

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