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Thursday, 28 August 2008

More Penny Arcade's "Longest Game Title Ever" PSN Details Emerge

PS3 fans of verbose esoteric opaque gaming-centric missives (just like the former sentence) and kick-ass web-comic art were somewhat disappointed when Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness - Episode One (I am not typing that again, hereinafter to be referred as "That Penny Arcade Game") was only to be released on PC and the 360 back in May of this year. Joel DeYoung, producer at Hothead Games, has reiterated over at the PlayStation blog the main reason a concurrent PS3 release was not possible, attributing the delay to "engine incompatibilities". Considering the Torque Game Engine, which drives the web comic themed steam-punk-esque RPG/adventure/puzzle game, was developed for the Windows, OSX and Linux OSs, this is not a massive revelation.

Back in July however a PSN version was announced, testament to Hothead's original commitment to release the game on as many platforms as possible. Little has been mentioned since then however and we know they're busy working on Episode 2. Unfortunately a concrete release date is still somewhat nebulous with only the upcoming chilly season of "winter" revealed in the article.

Some other interesting points Joel makes include: an assurance that, now that they've licked the tricky porting issues, future episodic content should appear on the PS3 closer to the initial release (though we infer from this that, for now at least, the PS3 version will continue to launch after the PC and 360 versions), other Hothead games will support the PSN (Swarm and Deathspank maybe?), the game supports full 1080p resolution and, oh yeah, Trophies are confirmed.

"That Penny Arcade Game" on PS3 will be shown at this year's PAX with one lucky Penny Arcade fan (we hope) winning a signed version of, well, a PS3. What else?

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Blogger Danny_D said...

This game intrigues me, and also mocks me from within my hard drive.

One day I shall play you. But not today, I am far too busy today. Tomorrow doesn't look good either.

29 August 2008 17:34  

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