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Monday, 4 August 2008

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - split-screen gameplay, controls

Yesterday we had a chance to try out the split-screen gameplay at the Red Bull Air Race in the Motorstorm Tour truck.

The build we played was only 70% complete, but the split-screen was slick, fluid and fast. We noticed the controls have also had a facelift with the addition of features like a bunny-hop. These additional controls have been assigned to the d-pad, which will make for some interesting moments as you align your vehicle before attempting a new trick.

Despite the beta build, everything looked great and the action seemed as smooth as any other title, even in split-screen mode.

Here's our shaky-cam footage of the game along with a couple of photos of the Tour and the new controls... (click the images to zoom)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

please make it horizontal split! vertial split sucks.

04 August 2008 17:32  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Here we go... people spent ages complaining about no split-screen, and now you're complaining about the aspect!

We're not sure what MS:PR will support, but vertical split-screen works well on the tracks that have huge jumps - they just wouldn't look as good in horizontal.

We've heard it does four-player, which will give you four regular aspect rectangles, but we think vertical is definitely better for two-player.

04 August 2008 17:39  

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