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Thursday, 21 August 2008

A new trailer of Valkyria Chronicles

God bless Leipzig! Since the convention opened its doors, we've been bombarded with news about games (and not only)! But, let's cut to the chase. A new trailer for Sega's upcoming title Valkyria Chronicles, has made its appearance.

As I've mentioned before, Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical JRPG, which successfully manages to mix real time combat with RPG elements. It's also a PS3 exclusive; no kidding. It seems Microsoft didn't get the chance to "time-exclusive" it (stop it, James!).

For those who are really interested in this game, you can watch the embed video and -in case you missed it- read some more details about Valkyria Chronicles, here.

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Blogger Eddie said...

I am incredibly excited for this game :] Its looking better with ever trailer I see too!

21 August 2008 15:56  
Blogger Franklin said...

Eddie is right. I have no idea why this has been slipping under people's radar (including my own) over the last few months. Make that one more PS3 game I want to get this holiday season. That's awesome that there's a Japanese voice option.

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Franklin Keane

22 August 2008 01:58  

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