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Monday, 18 August 2008

NovaStrike coming to EU store with Trophies; everyone to get easier version

There are a few things we absolutely love here at PS3Attitude. We've already openly declared our adoration/addiction to that elusive and delectable chime when a hard-earned trophy is bestowed but another thing we can't get enough of is super tough top-down PSN shooters. So when news reached us that Tiki Games are finally going to release NovaStrike on the EU Store, and with the added bonus of trophy support, well, we immediately stocked up on some polish and extra virtual chammies in preparation.

We announced NovaStrike's imminent arrival back in March and, while it's great to hear more details emerge regarding its European release, there is also some good news for our U.S. readers. For those who have already taken the plunge with the sci-fi shooter (and possibly have thrown controllers at T.V.s/loved ones/pets in relation to its unforgiving learning curve) the update will also address the issue of some of us lesser mortals abandoning the game in frustration.

Recognising NovaStrike's onerous difficulty level, Tiki have revealed that the update will also include some fine tweaks which will allow the game to be more "accessible" to those of us who don't possess the reaction times of a puma or the prescience to know where those ground to air missiles will magically appear.

The update (with the aforementioned Trophy support) will hit the U.S. PS Store this month with a EU release of the whole kit and caboodle either at the same time or, at the latest, next month. We're working on getting an exact date and will keep you posted.

If you're looking for some more information about Novastrike there's a great interview over at The Sixth Axis with Kevin McCann, President of Tiki Games.

[Update] The aforementioned Kevin McCann took the time to respond to our request regarding release dates to state that the updated U.S. version (with more accessible difficulty modes, trophies, etc.) should be available for download at the end of August. The EU edition will be exactly the same though it is taking a tad longer so expect to see it around mid September. Kevin wanted to ensure European gamers eager to get their hands on NovaStrike that Tiki Games are working hard on the EU release and can't wait for the game to hit Europe. Fingers crossed the wait is nearly over.

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Blogger Kawaii said...

It looks very interesting, I'm glad they've lowered the difficulty because it'll make trophies easier to get, and I've got to have my trophies.

18 August 2008 15:02  

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