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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

PlayTV Release Date Confirmed

In another step to make the PS3 the all encompassing entertainment system, Sony has announced September 19th as the release date for the add-on.

For £69.99, European PS3 owners will be able to record TV while they game or watch shows. Also included is the ability to transfer recorded programs to your PSP and PC as well as view them via Remote Play, a nice addition. HD content will also be included at some point in the future, making the price seem all the more worth it. 

I can only hope that this manages to make its way over to the US as this would be a nifty addition to have. 

UPDATE: Well, it turns out that recorded programs will not be transferable. Content will only be streamed to the PSP through the remote play function. 

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Blogger Eddie said...

Indeed. Its too bad it doesn't look like it'll come to the US based on what I have read about the TV standards though :(
I mean comeon, make it work sony! This way I would never forget about Venture Brothers! ;)

13 August 2008 15:31  
Blogger DolphGB said...

I'm unclear on this, but does the US have 'Digital Terrestrial Television' at all? In other words, does anyone broadcast digital TV that can be received via standard aerials?

Basically, that's what PlayTV supports. If the US broadcasters don't do DTT, there's nothing Sony can do to help...

13 August 2008 16:44  
Blogger Eddie said...

Exactly DolphGB, the US doesn't have DVB-T like Europe, instead the standard is going to be ATSC. There really isn't anything sony can do...but I can pray that something comes along, right? haha.

13 August 2008 17:17  

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