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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

PS3 Attitude becomes 100% charitable; calls for designers, writers...

As you may know, we've been leading up to a major event - Jump 2008 - in order to raise much-needed funds for GamesAid. We really need your donations, so please use the Donate Now button on the left.

In addition you can buy T-Shirts and merchandise to help the cause, because the profits also go to the PS3 Attitude Charity Fund. This fund is distributed to the charities we support each year, and GamesAid are the first recipients.

Today we are announcing the biggest change in the website since it began. PS3 Attitude is now 100% philanthropic. Every single penny, pound, cent, euro and dollar we make from advertising, affiliate revenue, game purchases, merchandise, special events or any other income derived from the site will be put into the Charity Fund for distribution to one or more charities each year.

So we are asking for your help.

  • Can you donate some money towards our Jump 2008 event today? Anything you give will help under-privileged children across the country. If you want to donate on behalf of a company, please get in touch by emailing jump2008 [at] ps3attitude [dot] com.
  • Do you know how to design Classic Blogger templates and graphics? We need a redesign in order to maximise our fund-raising and we're asking if you - or anyone you know - can help us. Email us at designers [at] ps3attitude [dot] com.
  • Do you want to write for the site to help us create more original content? Original content brings the most visitors to the site, and we need more writers - especially in the US, Japan and across continental Europe. [UPDATE] We had an amazing response to this - thank you all so much. For now, we are no longer looking for additional writers...
  • Is there any other way you can help us? PR, marketing, fund-raising, events? Contact us at helpus [at] ps3attitude [dot] com.
We hope all our readers support our decision to go 100% charitable. The people behind PS3 Attitude are funding the site/hosting/time/effort entirely out of their own pockets in order to make this possible.

Look out for a temporary site re-design soon that reflects our new charitable status.

Here's a few more ways you can help:
  • Buy our merchandise - remember, every penny made goes to charity
  • Set up a site-wide link to PS3 Attitude on your games-related website
  • Tell your friends about this by clicking the email symbol at the bottom-right of this news post
  • Share our charity widget - click the Share button and add it to your website, blog, Facebook, MySpace or almost any online profile
Thank you!

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Blogger Reesimo said...

Very admirable, DolphGB. I'll spread the word. Good luck!

05 August 2008 15:27  
Blogger Redlac said...

Right on. A link to PS3 Attitude will be arriving on my blog for what it's worth.

05 August 2008 16:51  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Thanks Reesimo and Redlac. Redlac - don't forget you can also embed our Charity Widget if you have the space... thanks again...

05 August 2008 17:08  
Anonymous S4ED_K said...

im really happy to see this website grow

good luck

06 August 2008 21:38  

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