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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sony announcements at Leipzig

As of Friday the 80GB PS3 will be available at 399 euro
“Compelling all encompassing system”
160 GB PS3 will launch on the 31st of October. Exactly same spec, just extra HD space. 449 euro price point and will include 70 euros of additional downloadable gaming content which will vary by territory.
19th of September PlayTV launch
Little Big planet launch on the 29th of October. “Will change people’s perceptions of gaming”.
Later this year a wireless keypad for PS3. Attachable to other controllers. It also includes touchpad mode which enables mouse mode for browsing or a new interface for games.
Vidzone video and music streaming service, available to PS3 early next year. Easy access music service, access to unlimited streaming of music on demand, totally free of charge. You can also download stuff to your mobile phone.

Roadmap of upcoming download services, video and music to PSP and PS3 to as many markets as possible.
“Singstar has been a phenomenon, especially in Germany” 60% of owners accessed MySingstar online, 2.2 million downloads to date. Soon possible to play your PS2 discs in PS3. Vol3 includes Michael Jackson, Barry Manilow, The Ting Tings, Lionel Richie, Queen, Katrina and the Waves,
Singstar Disney version, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Jungle Books, 101 Dalmations, Little Mermaid, PS2 this autumn
Queen packs with 5 songs each for 6.99 euros from September. Dedicated Queen title later this year.
Great year for social gaming.
From the London Studios something new. EyePet, your virtual pet. You can watch as it comes to life in your living room. Stroke, speak, draw toys for it to play with, all in 3D. Change its look get it to interact with you. On Playstation 3 next year.
Heavy Rain. “A truly groundbreaking game”. David Cage of Quantic Dream introduced it as writer and director. The Nomad Sould, Fahrenheit. The Casting was a demo using a virtual actress. People are eager for something emotional and different. Not based on repetitive action but centered on narrative. No longer just for kids or teenagers. More complex stories, mature, accessible, no guns or cars, no puzzles, emotional experience, decision making. Story driven, decisions have consequences. A dark thriller with a mature ambience evoking themes never used before in a game.

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