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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Square Enix party video to hit Japanese PS Store tomorrow

Sony have announced that the Japanese PlayStation Store update this week will include footage from the recent Square Enix party.

Whilst we are not totally sure as to what the content may or may not be included, we understand that the footage will contain some of the trailers shown in the 'strictly-no-cameras-allowed' theatre area.

If you have a Japanese PS Store account, set a reminder to check the video section tomorrow for some sweet Final Fantasy XIII action.

[UPDATE] Due to an incorrect Japanese -> English translation, this is actually not right. The footage is hitting PSTV not the PS Store; PSTV is another name for the point-of-sale kiosks in Japan. Thanks to our friend Nofi from TheSixthAxis for pointing us in the right direction...

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Anonymous Nofi said...

This isn't true actually, it doesn't say PS Store at all, it's PSTV, which is the kiosks over in Japan.

13 August 2008 15:49  
Blogger Eddie said...

Bummer. I had the hopes that it would mean it was making its way to the American PSN then.
Oh well.

13 August 2008 17:26  

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