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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Star Trek MMO May Unite Multiple Consoles Online

Star Trek Online has a history nearly as tumultuous and secretive as the Klingon Empire.

Originally under the command of Perpetual Entertainment, all art assets and content were unceremoniously loaded on the cargo freighter U.S.S Liquidation and ultimately fired into a dead and economically unsound planet. There it dwelt for a number of Earth years, waiting and evolving, only to be subsequently revived by Cryptic Studios in a genesis effect not seen since well, The Search for Spock.

Star Trek Online will allow die-hard Trekkies and casual fans alike to "be the Captain" and take control of their own ship whilst visiting planets, engaging in space battles with the aforementioned nefarious Klingons and other races and well, going boldly where no MMORPG has gone before.

What's piqued our interest however is a comment that has appeared over in the newly published
FAQ. When asked the (possibly posed) question "Will console and PC players be on the same servers?" the tantalising answer of "We would like that to be the case. There is nothing technologically keeping us from making it so." is returned.

Apart from the nice hat tip to Captain Picard's recurrent command to "Number One", does this also suggest PS3 and 360 users might happily co-exist in the same universe/server? Bound together by the Prime Directive?

We thought we'd send Cryptic Studios a quick hail and ask them what this, admittedly innocuous, piece of text in their FAQ might suggest. Cryptic responded by informing us they have already got their super-hero MMORPG
Champions Online working in beta with PC and 360, with secret identity-sporting users cohabiting the same server. Hence, as they've already developed the (future) technology, PC and console collaborations for Star Trek Online shouldn't be an issue. They also stressed that no console version of ST:O was confirmed at the moment but it is our opinion that a PS3 version is likely.

Though not the
first game to support console/PC online MMO interaction and, admittedly it's somewhat of a stretch looking into the above statements, there is a possibility that PC, PS3 and 360 owners might be joining together in one big Away Mission.

Only time will tell as Star Trek Online won't see a release until Stardate 65908.14 (some time in 2012)

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