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Friday, 8 August 2008

Sweet Flag preview Fallout 3

Our friends at Sweet Flag have written a great preview of the forthcoming Bethesda title, Fallout 3.

A being Fallout veterans, they were good enough to ask us what we thought of the PS3 version.

Check out the entire piece over at Sweet Flag.

"What is noticeably different between the original Fallout series & Fallout 3 looks to be the gameplay itself. Out goes the isometric turn based combat system of Fallout & in comes the first/third person shooter style.

Devoted Fallout players may find this a step too far from the original & with this in mind I asked DolphGB if he was happy that Fallout 3 was to break from the turn based combat of Fallout:

To compare the original with Fallout 3 is going to be a hard task. One was a turn-based RPG in the most standard sense of the genre. The new Fallout 3 seems more like a gritty, gore-ridden action game than an RPG. One was isometric, the other is first or third-person. I guess I’ll be happy with the result if it is as enjoyable as Oblivion was on the PS3."

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Blogger Kawaii said...

I'm really looking foward to this game, I like the idea of the choices I make having an effect on the story and game. I've not played the other fallout games but from what I've seen the new combat system has been put into place really well, and looks like it will be very absorbing to play.

Like Dolph says as long as it's as enjoyable as Oblivian I'll be a happy gamer.

08 August 2008 13:28  
Blogger Eddie said...

Indeed. I think outside of Disgaea3 this is what I am most looking forward to for the ps3. I love this direction of RPG and FPS/Action mix. Makes for very fun gaming.

08 August 2008 14:10  
Anonymous DM Osbon said...

Cheers for your input DolphGB - let's hope it turns out to be the game we are expecting!

08 August 2008 16:36  

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