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Thursday, 25 September 2008

American PS Store Update For September 25th

WipeOut! WipeOut! WipeOut! WipeOut! WipeOut! WipeOut!
Burnout! Burnout! Burnout! Burnout! Burnout! Burnout! Burnout!
Mega Man! Mega Man! Mega Man! Mega Man! Mega Man! Mega Man!

What is a GEON?

Downloadable Games
WipEout HD ($19.99)
Burnout Paradise PSN ($29.99)
GEON Emotions ($9.99)
Mega Man 9 (free demo, $9.99 to buy)

Add-on Game Content
BUZZ! QuizTV Question Pack, National Geographic: Safari ($7.99)
BUZZ! QuizTV Question Pack, Videogames ($5.99)
BUZZ! QuizTV Question Pack, Sci-Fi ($5.99)
Soul Calibur IV Customization Equipment 2 ($1.99)

Rock Band
“Limelight (Original Version)” – Rush ($1.99)
“Tom Sawyer (Original Version)” – Rush ($1.99)
“Red Barchetta” – Rush ($1.99)
“The Camera Eye” – Rush ($1.99)
“Vital Signs” – Rush ($1.99)
“Witch Hunt” – Rush ($1.99)
“YYZ” – Rush ($1.99)
“Moving Pictures (Album)” – Rush ($10.99) This pack includes “Tom Sawyer (Original Version),” “Red Barchetta,” “YYZ,” “Limelight (Original Version),” “The Camera Eye,” “Witch Hunt,” and “Vital Signs” by Rush.

“Bandage” – Hot Hot Heat ($1.99)
“Love Spreads” – Stone Roses ($1.99)
“She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult ($1.99)
“Shoot the Runner – Kasabian ($1.99)
“Sorrow” – Bad Religion ($1.99)
“You’re No Rock n’ Roll Fun” – Sleater Kinney ($1.99)

Game Demos (free)
NBA 09 The Inside Demo
NBA Live 09 Demo
Mega Man 9 Trial

Game Videos (free)
PAIN Amusement Park-New Characters Video
Resistance 2 Shattered History Trailer
Brothers in Arms: Hell’ Highway Eyes Only Network Trailer
Burnout Paradise Bikes Network Trailer
Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #5 Network Trailer
Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #5
Tomb Raider: Underworld Gameplay Network Trailer

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (free)
88 Minutes Blu-ray Trailer
Made of Honor Blu-ray Trailer

PS3 Wallpaper (free)
Soul Calibur IV #5 Tira Witch
Soul Calibur IV #6 Voldo Jack-O-Lantern

PS3 Themes (free)
Buzz! Quiz TV
Wipeout HD Theme - All Teams #1

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