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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Bikes to invade Paradise City, this Thursday

The time for Criterion's "step" on two wheels is just hours away. The latest -free- update is about to fully transform the fundamentals of Burnout Paradise.

Besides the four new -promising- bikes, 38 new "time challenges" plus 70(!) new Freeburn Challenges will be included in the update. Furthermore, we shall not forget about the new clock system, which will give the opportunity to the player to choose between day and night.

Last but not least, I believe that the guys at Criterion deserve some congratulations about their devotion to the game and more importantly for the no-charge policy they are following.

The update is visiting us this Thursday, so make sure to get your engines ready and put on a helmet for Christ's sake...

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Blogger King_0wn said...

I made a UK PSN hoping i'll get the update early.. ¦) does it work like that?? or wil everyone get it at the same time?

-Sorry off topic.. but i have great ideas for a GTA update (they really need one.. i think they like 360 more)

17 September 2008 13:14  
Blogger DolphGB said...

No - it doesn't work like that I'm afraid.

You'll need to wait for your area to update or you may download a patch/product that just won't work with or recognise your version of Burnout.

This is true of all PS3 games, disc or PSN-based.

17 September 2008 13:20  
Blogger King_0wn said...

oh thats still cool i own er i mean love burnout so much. ¦) just wandering who is the owner(s) of this site?

17 September 2008 14:57  
Blogger DolphGB said...

Hey 'king' - that would be me.

I privately own and fund the site, with all revenues and incomes derived going to the PS3 Attitude Charity Fund. This is then dished out once a year to worthy causes.

Thanks for being part of our readership and, therefore, helping the cause.

17 September 2008 16:11  

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