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Monday, 22 September 2008

Bombardment of LBP related news

Fans of Sackboy unite! In the last few hours we've been bombarded with news concerning Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet. Shall I kick off with the good news or the bad news?

Let's start with the bad news (for originality).

According to a producer of LBP one major feature of the game will not be included on the game disc. More specifically, he stated:

"The ability to create with your friends online will be available with the first important update for the game, after its release. Available from the beginning, however, will be the offline create feature with up to 4 people 'working' together on one PlayStation 3. A specific date for the release of the update doesn't exist. It is, however, on the top of our list".
Wait a minute; this is not really 'bad' news. It will take us a month or two to get to know all the features of the game anyway. The update will be available (hopefully) by the time we've honed our creative skills.

And now the good news! First of all, the development of LBP is now completed and the title has 'gone gold'. It will hit the stores in October; 21st for America, 22nd for Europe and 24th for the UK.

Sony also included in their statement that a PS3 bundle is on the way.

The European PS3 bundle (80GB) is scheduled for October 29th.

Furthermore, additional content will be available through PlayStation Network on the day of release, but for a limited amount of time. This extra free content will comprise of an astronaut suit and a rare t-shirt ("I was there Week One") for Sackboy.

So, pre-order LittleBigPlanet already!*

*Remember, ordering games through our site generates additional revenue for our charities. If you were due to pre-order LBP anyway, please do it through PS3 Attitude to help the cause...

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Blogger Brodiesan said...

I believe it is also released in Ireland on the 24th unlike the rest of Europe which receives it on the 22nd.

23 September 2008 17:53  

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