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Thursday, 11 September 2008

COD4 Variety Pack Half Price / Double XP - next weekend

Already reached level 55 on Call of Duty 4? Perhaps you've taken the prestigious route and now tire of sniping noobs across the Bog. What you need is some new maps soldier and what's better than four new areas to master than getting them at a cut-rate half price?

Those lunatics over at Infinity Ward have announced that next weekend (September 20th) will see the record breaking Variety Map Pack slash to half its original price (€4.99/£3.99/$4.99 - prices to be confirmed). For those wondering about where you'll be headed, the pack contains the stages "Killhouse", "Creek", "Chinatown", and "Broadcast".

To celebrate the price reduction IW have also announced (yet another) double XP weekend letting people earn double points while checking out the new maps. The 360 version sees its price cut this weekend allowing the developers to engage in some Player-Ownage on both consoles over the two weekends. The developers will be online (unceremoniously killing everything in sight no doubt) at roughly 4 p.m. PDT which is around midnight in Europe.


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