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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dead Space Web-site Officially Creeps Us Out

Have you been following the weekly updates up on Eh, yeah - neither have we. We reported some time ago about the Dead Space promotional site's emergence but since then we have been more focused on things like bans rather than the spooky events on board the Ishimura. Better late than never of course and we are now masochistically enjoying playing catch-up.

For you fellow late-comers out there: the evolving stories are presented over nine weeks with two separate tales of woe and dismemberment spanning four episodes each. The attentive of you will immediately note that this insinuates a missing episode. Correct, patrons of the Dead Space Grind-house double-bill will also be treated to an "intermission". Considering the freakiness of these stories we'd like to recommend this period become known as the "time to change your pants interlude".

The first misery-fest has now ended; a story of unreciprocated love onboard the Ishimura entitled "Misplaced Affection." We are hence now in the aforementioned moratorium with the next chilling tale ("13") to start on Monday the 29th of September.

As the stories are apparently linked, we'd recommend visiting the site and checking out the five available episodes in preparation for Monday's new instalment. Note: the site is somewhat experimental with each chapter taking the form of different content therefore you may uncover video, interactive media, dossiers and sound files to help you unravel the lamentable stories.

For those more interested in free swag there is also the ability to partake in some sci-fi sleuthing with the Ishimura Aptitude Test. With the answers to each of the chapters' brainteasers found scattered (literally) around each of the episodes, intrepid fact-finders can decipher the ongoing mystery and put themselves in the running for one of a hundred free copies of the game. You'll need to register (and be over 18) and considering the splash screen is a mélange of mutated body parts (and the prodigious amount of crying in the first story); we'd suggest also skipping breakfast.

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