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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dead Space web-site updated with new tale of despair

It's a new week so it can only mean one thing. Ok, so it could mean a lot of things but when it comes to scaring the bejeezers out of people who are interested in EA's Dead Space we can only be referring to the No Known Survivors weekly update. For those who diligently checked yesterday (as instructed) you may have noticed an initial "Coming Soon" notice which was then replaced with an even less helpful black hole. Well, it's back up today and we've got some new content to consume.

As discussed previously, we are now entering the unnerving setting of the second episodic story of dismay and (if going by the first story is any indication) dismemberment on board the troubled mining ship Ishimura.

Story "13" starts today (though it might have been up late yesterday for you PST guys, let me know) and can be found by clicking on the fifth sector from the hub's navi-bar. Or, you know, you could always choose the mutated hand with the talon sticking out of its palm. Whatever takes your fancy.

The new chapter, subtitled "Tub Dwellers", presents new living quarters that mimics the previous habitat in at least one stylish interior design theme - it's also got a dead body in it. The recently departed is most likely "Dennis", one of the Ishimuru techs we meet in the accompanying video (found on the floor), and we're guessing the next three instalments will explain the events up to his untimely demise. Why not Stefan? Well, our supreme deduction skills couldn't help notice the occasional shout of "You killed Dennis!" when searching the environment - but we could be wrong.

Regarding the necessary sleuthing required, the majority of the content appears to be focused on a personal transmission sent from senior tech "Gavin" to his daughter Sally back on earth. Obviously exerting his authority on fellow shipmates (Dead) Dennis and Stefan, Gavin has managed to press gang them into also contributing to the message. The video ends with the distress beacon going off leaving you to investigate the aftermath.

A new episode also means a new aptitude test. Here are this week's questions:
  • Sally Song
  • Percentage Colony Staff with Sight Problems
  • Soft Drink Brand of Choice
  • Olympia Planitia Accommodation Costs
  • Randall Retirement Destination
  • Dr. Tom Sciarellos's Death Site
  • Gavin's Wife
  • Decipher Bulletin Board Encoded Message
Without spending more than five minutes in the abandoned(?) tub I can answer five straight off the bat. Remember, answer them all correctly and you're in line to win a copy of the game on the platform of your choice.

And don't forget: you need to be over 18 to check this out but, you knew we were going to say that.

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