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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

GameCity Teams Up With Guinness World Records - Wants YOUR Records!

Kicking off its third iteration in Nottingham, U.K. next month, GameCity have decided to add a unique competitive flavour to the usual gamut of game conference festivities this year. Pairing up with Guinness World Records, the organisers of the festival are requesting record breaking submissions from the more extroverted (and fanatical) of gamers who will then attempt to smash such records over the course of the conference. Under the watchful eyes of the Guinness adjudicators of course.

Reckon you can clock Metal Gear Solid 4 without been seen in a record time? What about burning through Rain God Mesa in Monument Valley quicker than anyone else to become the envy of all your MotorStorm friends/enemies?

If you have a specific world beating gaming feat in mind here is your chance to bring it to the attention of Guinness World Records and get yourself added to the annals of gaming history. Simply email the gaming record you'd like to attempt to or register online at their site and they'll take care of the rest.

Of course GameCity is not just about breaking records; the conference promises to reveal some new games (including a Guinness World Records game in fact) and some other gaming related wonders. The three day festival starts on October 30th and we'll be covering it live again this year so be sure to check back for more updates.

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