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Friday, 19 September 2008

Home gets extended closed beta

When you tore that wrapper apart, frantically hoping to see a gleaming golden ticket staring back at you, were you one of the many thousands dejected and disappointed with the realisation that you were not chosen for the closed Home beta?

Never fear for Director of Home Jack Buser has revealed on the PS blog that a new batch of sparkling invitations are currently winging their way to some lucky mailboxes as we speak. Unfortunately it appears that the new recipients will only be from the previously unselected who applied back in August so this is only good news for those of you who are flapping about in the water and not those who missed the boat entirely.

Or is it? PS3Fanboy have posted up a screenshot (which we won't link to but if you don't know PS3Fanboy and can't find it yourself we'd be in complete shock) from the beta message board regarding a freezing bug currently experienced by some in the beta. What's interesting to note is that a PS3 firmware update planned for "October" will apparently remedy the issue. The magic number of 2.50 is quoted which is such a round figure that we're going to take a gamble and say Home 1.00 will surface on the same day. And with the recent LittleBigPlanet global official release dates appearing today also we're going to narrow it down even further and predict that Home will be released on the 21st of October to coincide with the North American release of the game.

Considering the many false dawns Home has experienced in its long gestation period I have a feeling I might live to regret this act of prophecy but what the hell, it's Friday night. It's ok to go crazy once in while!

Update: Jack has responded to some of the commenters on the blog who reckon they've been dissed a second time to state that "today’s [email invitations] won’t be the only wave" suggesting at least another call for more testers before the public beta which is still scheduled for "Autumn".

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