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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Insomniac interview at PAX

People had questions and Insomniac have answers! Wander over to the PlayStation blog where you can find Bryan Intihar answering posters' questions about upcoming shooter sequel R2. Here's a quick overview for the lazy out there and those unable to access the video at the moment.

What other games were the team playing when not beating back the Chimeran horde? Unsurprisingly, Insomniac stable-mate Ratchet & Clank : Quest for Booty receives an obligatory mention as does MGS4 and Soul Calibur IV. What does R2 bring to the table that other FPSs do not? Well, the simple answer would be "numbers" considering the 60 player skirmish mode but Bryan also puts emphasis on "accessibility" and "rewarding the player for everything they do."

For those looking for the next full moon podcast check around the first week of September (which is, well, now) with a "mystery guest" no less.

We'll end with the quick-fire round. DualShock support? Check! Home Support? Affirmative. Trophies? Count on it.

Check the full interview for more morsels of information from an obviously chirpy Bryan who seems to be revelling in the awesomeness of PAX. Quote of the interview has to go to: "The PS3 is a ridiculously powerful machine." Makes you feel all warm inside, doesn't it?

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