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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Life with PlayStation now ACTUALLY released

Well, with the cat truly out of the bag already this week we knew it was only going to be a matter of time before Sony's (high definition cancer curing) answer to the Wii's news and weather channels would emerge.

We postulated it would take two weeks before its release into the wild but it looks like Sony has pulled a fast one and Life With PlayStation™ is available right now. Not bad for a service that was scheduled to hit in July, then late August before the pencil-pushers delayed it until now.

For those frantically refreshing the System Update icon you'll actually find it under the Network category surreptitiously masquerading as the Folding@Home icon. Click here and after two files are downloaded, voilá!, Folding@Home - like an unloved caterpillar, metamorphoses into the beautiful global news and weather service. With headlines and atmospheric condition information streaming directly into your eyeballs cancer will still be hammered into submission in the background so we can finally confirm that the two services are now inextricably linked. How this change impacts the Remote Play aspect of the Folding service is unknown at the moment so let us know in the comments.

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Blogger Redlac said...

What an exiting day! Burnout Bikes and Life with Playstation! Reading your comment, about Remote Play and Life, I thought I'd fire up the PSP and see how things went.

Ok, everything has loaded up fine, although changing the instructions picture from a PS3 controller to a piccie of the PSP is a nice touch.

Everything is going swimmingly. Folding@home is busy solving Cancer, the chirpy Life Music is tootling away... time to give Life a run for it's money.

Again, it looks like everything is working fine. I can highlight places, whizz around the globe (Ah, so THAT's where Tehran is!) and all the links are working fine, sending me straight to Google News. But hang on.. what's this? Not enough memory? How dare thee!

At this point it's worth pointing out my PSP is one of the first wave produced, and so I imagine all you folks with a slim and lite and the extra internal memory that entails should be fine.

So there you have it! Right, I'm off to race them new bikes some more.

18 September 2008 11:14  
Blogger Brodiesan said...

Thanks for the info Redlac. That's awesome news and we appreciate you taking the time to check it out. Other sites are reporting that the remote play aspect is now "borked" so we're glad to hear that everything is running, mostly, to plan.

Can't wait to check it out myself with my PSP later!

18 September 2008 13:21  
Blogger Danny_D said...




18 September 2008 14:37  

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