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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Media Molecule inadvertently reveals LBP Tracklist

Ok, so a few sites have reported that you can see the LittleBigPlanet manual here. But no one seems to have noticed that the last couple of pages in the manual give the credits for the music used in the game.

Is this a full track listing, or just a space filler for now?

Who knows, but the work of Daniel Pemberton is exactly the kind of thing I would expect to see on a playlist for the game, based on what has been played alongside trailers so far.

Here's the full run-down taken from the manual:

DJ Krush - 'Song 2'
Cafe Tacvba - 'Volver A Comenzar'
Kinky - 'Cornman'
Battles - 'Atlas'
The Go! Team - 'Get It Together'
Jim Noir - 'My Patch'
Alexander Nevsky Op.78 - 'Battle On The Ice'
James Pants - 'Rhythm Trax 7'
Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra - 'Tapha Niang'
Noveltones - 'Let Bank Two'
Ananda Shankar - 'Dancing Drums'

Original Music Composed by Mat Clark at Sonica Music, London:

'Gardens imusic'
'Wedding imusic'
'Canyons imusic'
'Savannah imusic'
'Metropolis imusic'
'Islands imusic'
'Temples imusic'
'Wilderness imusic'

Daniel Pemberton:

'The Orb Of Dreamers'
'Leaders Of Men'
'The Appliance of Science'
'Girly Goody Two Shoes'
'Rock The Jungle'
'Tricky Business'
'Cries In The Wind'
'Rainbow Warrior'
'My Advice - parts 1, 2 and 3'

So what do we think? Is that a good track list? Is it enough variety? Considering that the last we heard, we wouldn't be able to import songs into the game, I was hoping for more, but if the layering that was mentioned is done well, it could add some life to each track.

You can hear most of the non-original tracks on your nearest favourite video site.

[Source: SCEA Official Site]

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Blogger Brodiesan said...

Check out Ananda Shankar - 'Dancing Drums' on

That's some funky stuff right there.

09 September 2008 13:48  
Anonymous Nofi said...

No one seems to have reported the track list? Heh. ;)

10 September 2008 14:53  
Blogger Brodiesan said...

We did. And that's all that matters.

10 September 2008 20:37  
Anonymous Nofi said...

Is it? Interesting view you have there.

11 September 2008 08:41  
Blogger Brodiesan said...

Ooops. My previous comment is missing the all important smiley face I thought I had put in. Sorry Nofi, without the wink my comment comes across as very pretentious and inappropriate.

Thanks for pointing this out.


11 September 2008 10:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DJ Krush is AWESOME i have been listening to him for a long time, I think thats cool he is in LBP, one more reason why I love sony and the PS3!!!

13 September 2008 18:28  

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