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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

PS3 To Have Exclusive Mirror's Edge Content

We didn't report it (because it was quickly confirmed as a breakdown in communication) but there was much furor across the gaming world last week when Sony's David Reeves announced that EA DICE's upcoming kinetosis flavoured Mirror's Edge was a PS3 "timed" exclusive.

It seems there was a grain of "exclusivity" truth in the rumour however as EA has confirmed to Eurogamer that there will be PS3 exclusive DLC content made available via the PSN. Considering EA DICE developed the game on the PS3 as the lead console, and certain maneuvers that Faith can perform (balancing on crossbeams for example) have been seen to be controlled by the Six-Axis motion sensors, it will be interesting to see if DICE will make use of these specific PS3 features for this new content.

What's this? The PS3 getting exclusive content over its nearest rival? Excuse me while I check outside to see if there's a chap on a white horse.

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