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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pirates Vs. Ninjas Confirmed For PSN (kinda)

D'arrr, it be the tin'ternet meme that keeps on a-kickin' like a scurvy dog. Ok, we're a couple of weeks early to be speaking like this but it's somewhat appropriate considering Pirates Vs. Ninjas : Dodgeball is not only about to get an Xbox live release but looks to be now possibly heading our way to the PSN.

And just in time too as, hopefully, the 8 player online game can now finally put to rest an age ole question which has sparked drunken brawls at BBQs and church congregations alike. Pirates ... or Ninjas?

When asked in an interview over at Joystiq if the game was PS3 bound, Christopher Stockman, studio director at Blazing Lizard, revealed that production on a PSN version was "[...] not hypothetical. But I can neither confirm nor deny that it's in progress ... but it's not hypothetical". Which confirms it? No? Or is this something like Schrödinger's Cat? Production on the PSN version of the game both exists and does not exist - at the same time. Just don't look at it or we're in trouble.

Considering the guys at Blazing Lizard had some issues with certification for the upcoming 360 release don't expect to see a PSN version appearing on the horizon, shiruken and Jolly Rogers a-waverin', for a while yet.

Oh and by the way - Ninjas, obviously.

[Source: Joystiq]

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