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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sony VP discusses PS3 "Advantage"

SCEA’s Vice President of Product Marketing Scott Steinberg has posted on Edge Online a rallying report stating why he believes the PS3 is the console that best embodies "consumer choice" and the "future of gaming".

Highlighting the PS3's future-proofing technology and ten year plan, Scott rattles off a veritable shopping list of reasons why Sony's position in the industry is not only strong right now but will only get stronger and soon leave the competition behind. Keywords like "blu-ray" and "first party exclusives" are offered as keystones in the Sony battle plan but he also discusses the PSN's less restrictive download constraints.

Regarding the burgeoning digital downloading model itself (which Microsoft have publically come out as a staunch proponent of) Steinberg believes Sony offers the best of both worlds. He claims: "PlayStation offers both downloadable content and Blu-ray, built in. That’s a choice consumers want. We’ve got you covered if you’re a downloader, and we’ve got you covered if you want to have that collectible."

Touching on the games front (where we believe the battle will be won or lost) the Marketing President exalts Sony's position on diversity as, not only are "the biggest blockbusters [only] found on the PS3", the garage scene is supported and thriving in what he likens to "the 16-bit days".

We're preaching to the converted of course but it's interesting the note the overall tone of the piece. It's been a while since we've seen Sony coming out with such bullish comments. "The brilliance of PS3 is that it’s not a dead, dumb terminal like other machines" may not be an overt attack on Sony's rivals but when it's immediately followed with "if you’re a competitor I’ve got bad news for you" you can't help but feel that Sony, finally finding traction in this generation, are brimming with confidence with a future outlook that can only be seen as positive.

"In the next few years, you’re going to start to see us separate from the herd. Some of the other platforms are going to look very dated because their life spans are so much shorter than ours." Strong words; only time will tell how prophetic they might be.

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Blogger Reesimo said...

Bullish? Them's fightin' words! You're right, there's been a lack of such marketing speak lately. I think that Sony and Microsoft wore themselves out at their system launches and are now gearing up for the Retail War that is the Holiday shopping season. Although both systems have their own pros and cons, I'd like to see Sony come ahead this year. By the way, I really liked the Hydrophobia interview. Keep up the great work!

25 September 2008 21:29  

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