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Friday, 26 September 2008

Strewth! Silent Hill won't be coming home to Oz.

The silly season of banning games outright appears to be continuing with ScreenPlay, the Australian online technology supplement of broadsheet The Age, reporting on the decision of Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) to ban Silent Hill: Homecoming.

This is the fourth game of late to receive the wrath of banners in Australia, joining an ignoble blacklist already populated by Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, Dark Sector and Fallout 3. The latter two finally made it through the rigorous classification hoops after some cuts; Fallout 3 needing to change all references to morphine to the euphemistic "Med-x" for example.

We suppose the gratuitous violence which includes “[...] ramming pipes through enemies’ heads and stomping on their faces to pull them out, tearing their entrails loose with an axe, or simply some good old-fashioned bludgeoning.” just didn't sit well with the antipodean law-makers. One wonders how the hell Dead Space got past their judgmental eyes however.

Silent Hill: Homecoming will be released in November (apart from in, you know, the above), is developed by Double Helix and is the sixth game in the popular survival horror series.

Source: ScreenPlay - via Edge Online (quote from Edge Online)


Blogger Reesimo said...

I think it's a travesty! Everyone should have the oppurtunity to be molested by Pyramid Head. Even those down under.

26 September 2008 22:59  
Blogger Reesimo said...

Bad spelling gets me closet time with P-Heady. O noes!

26 September 2008 23:01  

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