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Friday, 12 September 2008

U.S. MyBuzz is Online, Giving Away Prizes

No longer will our European PlayStation 3 brethren will be able to taunt us with their "buzz". No, I'm not talking about pints of lager being consumed while playing our black behemoth (remember kids, don't drink and drive Burnout). North America has been deemed "buzz-worthy" by the powers that be: MyBuzz is open for business for the US.

Gearing up for the American release date of September 23rd, is ready to be filled up with apple pie and NRA quizzes. But all kidding aside, there is an extraordinary incentive for us them to do so. There will be great prizes for wasting your precious time making quizzes online, take it away Associate Producer Jenny Barbour:
We’re asking you to start building your library of quizzes immediately and on game launch day (September 23), we’ll award a PS3 and BUZZ! Quiz TV game bundle to the “All Time Top Author.”
But that is not all:
A week after launch on September 30, we’ll be awarding another prize to the individual with the “Top Quiz.” He/she will receive a new PSP 3000 with BUZZ! Master Quiz (all the fun of the BUZZ! trivia franchise on-the-go!).

Pretty neat eh? I can't wait for Canadians to get in on the MyBuzz fun as well, I want to test my knowledge of hockey, Mike Meyers, Georges St. Pierre and Celine Dion.

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