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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Você esperará...

"Is that a countdown I see at PS3 Attitude? I wonder what it means..."

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Blogger King_0wn said...

no there isn't a countdown..
vocé is wine?
mm stop drinking

16 September 2008 18:16  
Blogger Max said...

Lol, does any of you guys speaks portuguese?
For any of you readers that don't understand portuguese, it means: You will wait.
Btw what is the countdown about? :P

16 September 2008 18:23  
Blogger Reesimo said...

You wait or you expect, I think. Tease...

16 September 2008 18:25  
Blogger Brodiesan said...

We're getting wine in 15 days ?


... as long as it's red that is.

16 September 2008 21:06  
Blogger Max said...

lol, there isnt any wine, the first post asked if 'vocé' mean 'wine, wich doesn't, 'você' means 'you'.
Wine in portuguese is 'vinho'.
Red wine is 'vinho tinto' :P

16 September 2008 21:30  
Blogger King_0wn said...

actually.. i googled vocé thats why i said wine.. lol and why would we know portuguese? in atlanta i must pass 3 spanish classes for college..
-Comcast keeps slowing down my internet.. waste of money

17 September 2008 00:00  
Blogger Brodiesan said...


The "We" I was referring to are the Staff Writers here on the site. I know wocé isn't wine. ;)

And I might even know what we're counting down to!

17 September 2008 10:00  
Blogger King_0wn said...

hm i'll rather have wine.

17 September 2008 13:10  
Blogger Danny_D said...

These comments have awakened the wino in me.

And he is thirsty.

18 September 2008 19:04  

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