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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Dead Space's "13" continues with "Unanticipated"

I'm going to just pretend that with each chapter in Dead Space's interactive web-campaign appearing every Monday we're dutifully bringing them to your attention on time. Considering we missed the first story arc completely and episode three is out tomorrow (or today, if you like to stay away from PS3 news on the weekends) this charade is thinly veiled of course but I'm hoping you'll forgive things like us here at PS3 Attitude taking a much needed vacation and play along.

Virgins of the macabre and malevolent occurrences inflicting the Ishimura should check out our first article and especially last week's inaugural episode to new story "13".

As previously predicted, Dennis has bought the space-farm; his wounds now seen in greater detail. We now also have an audio log of the tub-dwellers checking the distress beacon revealing something we missed completely from the first chapter: they're not on board the Ishimura at all. From listening to the file however, it would appear that the catastrophic effects are not isolated to just the planet-cracking ship orbiting Aegis 7.

Be sure to re-check Sally's video to witness its transformation into an R-rated Tarantino-esque twist of the original's innocent rendition.

There is also the usual new set of questions as part of the aptitude test where you could win a copy of the game for the console (or PC) of your choice. The first question: "Gavin victim number one" should be easy enough. He's sitting in the chair sporting a range of stab wounds and gets a mention above.

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