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Monday, 13 October 2008

Dead Space's No Known Survivors update: Déjà-vu Edition

Well, we did say that the next episode was going to be released tomorrow.

Unlucky enough to have picked up the Ishimura's distress signal, murder and mayhem continues on board our favourite reconnaissance tub. The latest chapter now also adds some interesting back-story to the Dead Space mythos to the current mix of homicide and hijinks. Considering the "big reveal" might be considered a tad spoilerific we'll simply allude to the new information by coughing through words like "cover-up" and "intergalactic space conspiracy".

Be sure to check out the site yourself to unlock the secrets before the game hits on October 24th in Europe. Our US compadres of course can unravel the mystery right now.

Finally, for the welchers there's also a new fiendishly difficult aptitude exam to test your space-mettle. You can't expect them to just give the game away, can you?

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