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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Firmware 2.50 to support Flash (aahhh!) 9

Not content with the enhancements regarding trophies, headsets and screen-grabbing (amongst others) coming in the upcoming 2.50 firmware update? Well, if you're like us and like to jump on to PS3 Attitude in between frag-fests and burning laps to check news and views you may also be happy to hear that there is yet another small, but significant, tweak coming as part of the impending update.

Our friends over at ThreeSpeech have reported that, from firmware version 2.50 (coming tomorrow), Flash 9 content will be supported in the Internet Browser.

As a lot of game videos (and other media on the web but, seriously, who looks at that?) can be found having a Flash variant this means the PS3 browser takes another step forward in supporting more online content. Now, if only someone could tell me how to get rid of that persistent "Would you like to install the plugin?" message I'll never leave the sitting room again.

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