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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Get your hands on Shaun White early...

Are you in the UK?

Are you free between 23rd and 26th October?

Do you want to play Shaun White Snowboarding before it is released in November?

If you answered yes to all three questions, then head over to Battersea Power Station the bizarrely entitled 'Freesports On 4; Freeze - sponsored by LG' event where Ubisoft are allowing visitors to get their hands on the Flying Tomato's first foray into the snowy world of video games 'boarding.

From what we've seen, and in the absence of any next-gen SSX title, this game could be the answer to our black run prayers.

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Blogger Phreaky said...

gotta tell ya - from what i've seen of this game, it doesn't set my world on fire... though in fairness, unless it has 'SSX' in the title, I'll probably lose interest quickly!...

16 October 2008 20:49  

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